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Information for Referring Doctors

Bellow is a list of answers on most common questions:

What are the services provided for my patients?

Our services include*:

  • Diagnostic services for endodontic problems
  • Root canal therapy, treatments, and re-treatments
  • Treatment of teeth sensitivity
  • Treatment of teeth with complete and incomplete apices
  • Dental trauma management including regenerative therapy, teeth splinting, apexification, etc.
  • Post space preparation
  • Post removal
  • Laser soft tissue procedures to facilitate rubber dam placement
  • Laser gingivectomy at your request  
  • Oral cancer and lesion screening
  • Advanced pulp testing
  • Second opinion

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How can I refer a patient?

A patient can be referred by filling-out a referral card (back of our business card) to be given to the patient, calling us at 860-253-2573, or by clicking here and filling-out secure online referral form.

What equipment do we have?

We utilize the latest equipment and technology:

  • Kodak digital sensors for higher quality imaging, lower radiation, and easy data submission
  • Latest sterilization and monitoring equipment for safety
  • Electronic records for proper record keeping and easy report submission to doctors
  • Endo-Microscope with variable depth visualization equipment
  • Endo-ultrasonic units for better visualization
  • Canal depth measurement equipment
  • Flowable gutta-percha devices for warm/lateral obturation
  • Latest dental motors for quieter care
  • ASI carts
  • Proper lightening
  • iLase dental laser for certain procedures for precision and better care experience 
  • Rotary instrumentation units and instruments
  • Calcified/blocked canals negotiating instruments 
  • Profound anesthesia including using computer-controlled devices for comfort and intra-bony anesthesia
  • Nitrous Oxide (to assist initial local anesthesia only)
  • Emergency equipment
Click here to see what we do to save your patients' teeth.

How much does a root canal cost?

The fee for root canals and other endodontic procedures depend on their complexity and is determined at the time of consultation. The procedures, which require negotiation of blocked/calcified canals, access through the crown, treatment of swelling, use of nitrous oxide sedation, and other complications often add to the cost, so please encourage patients to come as soon as possible.

We will provide your patients with gentle care, and w
e do also understand that patients' financial situations differ and offer various payment methods including monthly payments*. Click here to learn more on how we take payments

How soon can you see my patients?

Our hours are Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:30pm available by appointment with same-day emergency treatment possible. We strive to see your patients as soon as possible. Do not hesitate calling us at 860-253-2573 or having your patient to call us to schedule an appointment.

Do you take dental insurances/plans?

We do take most PPO (often in-network), POS, Discount, Self-Insured, Direct-Reimbursement plans, and some EPO/INO plans.

We also take many Medicare, and (on very limited basis) Medicaid Husky (for patients age 9-20 only).

We take/accept some DHMO/DMO plans if they have out-of-network benefits. 

Please click here to read more on how and which dental plans we take.

We utilize fast e-claim service to ensure accurateness. So, have patients bring their benefit cards and government-issued IDs, and we will be happy to help them to utilize their program. Please read on how we take payments..

Do you offer patient financing?

Yes, we do offer third-party financial plans*, for which patients can apply at the office or at home.
We accept CareCredit and Lending Club plans. Call us at 860-253-2573 to learn more.

Checkout what we offer here and learn on how we take payments and dental plans.

What information should patients take with them when coming to us?

We would appreciate if they bring with them:

A government-issued ID, referral letter (which may be our business card with referral information on the back), any radiographs , list of medications taken/medical conditions, and forms of payment such a credit card. They would also need to provide their social security number, date of birth, and address (as well as of a parent/legal guardian for minors) .

When a patient is under the age of 18 or requires a legal guardian, a parent or legal guardian must be present.

For a patient with a dental plan, they must have dental plan card in possession as well as name, social security, date of birth, address, and place of work of the subscriber (which may be them).

You can utilize the back of our business card as referral card or your own form- just write patient's name, tooth number, doctor's name, phone, comments, and whether you want any additional services (post space, core, post-core - can be checked; others - write in comments). Additional services will be done whenever possible as long as patients can pay for them (and their dental plan allows).

What and how do you provide a report back on the treatment?

It is up to you. We can mail or e-mail the report to the address of your choice. It contains pre-op and post-op radiographs as well information on procedures performed.

Although, usually, either way we send the report same day, the e-mail is usually delivered sooner and comes with radiographs in convenient .JPG format. Important: the e-mail from where the reports are sent is not for replies. If you need to email us, please do so at endowithcare@xemaps.com

Do you offer nitrous oxide?

We do on limited bases.

It is understandable that there is anxiety associated with root canals thanks to movies, TV, past history, and friends' "advice". We provide specialty dental anesthesia and kind individualized care to ensure patients comfort.

We offer nitrous oxide (when there are no medical contraindications) for the beginning of a treatment at additional cost to the patient. It is important to keep in mind that nitrous oxide has side effects, increases treatment time, costs extra, usually not adequately covered by dental plans, cannot be combined with certain medications, and cannot usually be done on pregnant women.

What temporary material do you use to close access opening?

Usually, at no extra cost to the patient, we place sterile cotton and pink Cavit; at your request and in some cases of shallow pulp chamber, we place just pink Cavit all the way to canal orifices.

We can also, if you ask, place harder glass-ionomer material (ex: Fuji IX) all the way or on top of Cavit; there is extra cost to the patient.

Can a post space be created ?

We can create a post space at your request as long as a patient is willing to pay for it or/and their dental plan allows.

My patient has a crown and needs root canal, what would you do?

When there is a non-temporary crown on a tooth, we assess the situation on a case-by-case basis. If it is good-fitting and underlying canals well-visible, we generally can access through it. In certain cases, such as when there is a significant decay underneath, canals poorly visible
fracture suspicion, etc., we may have to remove the crown; a new crown will then have to be fabricated. In rare instances, crowns can fracture during access, which may /may not be repairable.

When, there is a temporary crown on the tooth, we usually lift it, work on the tooth, and then place it back. In certain circumstances, we may unable to place it back due to inability to fit it back after underlying decay or tooth structure removal or dental plan restrictions; the crown will then be given to the patient for safe-keeping and you may re-cement it after adjustments. In rare instances, temporary crowns can fracture during lifting, which may /may not be repairable.

In how many visits do you do root canals ?

Although, many procedures can be done in one visit of 1-3 hour duration and on the day of initial consult, the number of visits depends on complexity of the case, pulpal diagnosis, number of teeth to treat, and sometime dental plan requirements (such as need to wait for pre-approval/authorization)

Certain teeth with apical periodontitis, abscess, calcified/blocked canals, most of re-treatments, apexifications, most of regenerative therapy cases, whenever dental plan requires pre-approval (unless the patient is prepaying /plan permitting/), and other situations may require additional visits as well as appropriate charges.

What If I have more questions?

Do not hesitate calling us at 860-253-2573 and we will be happy to answer them. If you want to refer a patient, please click here for our secure online referral form, call us at 860-253-2573, or fill-out our referral card (back of the business card) and give it to the patient.

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* We do not provide diagnosis of restorability of teeth. If a patient is referred to us, responsibilities for diagnosis of restorability and restoration of teeth lie with the referring doctor/office.